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Adidas Predator football shoes in many people's impressions may be big tongues, three bars and the iconic kangaroo leather upper. However, these classic elements that stay in our mind are almost invisible in the new Predator 18. Adidas's Primeknit fabric gives the Predator 18 a more modern high-top look, so we've seen 18+, 18.1, 18.2, and 18.3 all use high-top boots, and only 18.4 are traditional low-top structures. Unlike the previous flat-top high-top design, this time the Predator 18 uses a streamlined upper neckline that is low and high. There is no iconic text and design in the inside upper, only 18.3 can see a slightly smaller Adidas LOGO.
For Soccer Po, Adidas Predator 18 + is one of our most hot-selling styles. Here are some of its selling point: Primeknit fabric shoes are very soft and have good adaptability and comfort; Rubber friction strips are added to the front area of the shoe and the instep; Add Boost damping material to the midsole; PURECUT no shoelace design to close the distance between the foot and the football; The upper is covered with a large number of NON STOP GRIP (NSG) 3D bumps to improve the ball control properties of the upper; lightweight SPRINTFRAME outsole; TotalControl shoe nail design.
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